Scott Cameron Photography


You'll feel you can walk into the picture on your wall! Photography is all about the light. Compose the shot. Take the shot. Handle the negative with care in the digital darkroom. Colour pops. The detail jumps. Clarity becomes brilliant. The finished photo matches what the eye experienced. The 3rd dimension leaps off the page. Then the printing. Veneering for UV protection, stretching and framing. Finally, the feeling that you can walk into the canvas hanging on your wall. You feel the emotion experienced and delivered through the eye of the photographer. The WOW factor!

When people come to our studio/gallery or art show locations they constantly ask, "how do you do that"? The dynamic of the photo-art starts with the eye, moves to a well composed and executed shot and is brought to life in the post production process in the digital darkroom. The Process of printing. The care in veneering. The attention to detail with stretching and framing. Enjoy and visit us at our studio/gallery or one of our gallery-show events. Add the feeling of WOW to your wall! See something that you like contact now for more information or to schedule a visit to our Studio/Gallery (open by appointment).

Our next show location presentation will be "Signatures" at the Shaw Centre in downtown Ottawa November 15 through November 19th featuring our Triptich and Panoramic photo art printed to canvas. Feature wall art that adds WOW to your walls.

We are updating and re-styling the website - - Scott Cameron Photography - and adding content continually so be sure to keep checking. Completion target for the update is November 1.