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My Journey in The World of Creativity

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My journey through the world of creativity began sitting behind a microphone in a radio studio as a disc jockey when rock and roll was taking off. Along the way I strolled into a TV studio as a performer and game show host. Broadcasting played a major role during my life. While this was happening I walked on stage, acted and sang in theatre productions, performed on TV, did my act in supper clubs and recorded on vinyl. I experienced first hand and was activally involved in website design and the dynamics of the changes in media that the new media Internet World brought to life starting in the mid-nineties. Quite a journey! The journey inside the world of broadcasting and a diversified environment of creativity.

Today it's the digital world of photography. Another digital, technological breakthrough. It proved to be an aha moment for me when it introduced itself very early in the 2000's. Photography to that point had been a hobby, then it became a passion and another very special part of the creative journey.

Being able to adapt to change! It has been said that life is a journey not a destination. Well, on that I heartily agree. This journey continues, open to the concept that change is a constant and accepting the challenge! Stay tuned to this space. I will add to the story. I'll drop in some pictures. Watch this space.